The Directors Cut

Decision-making in Filming and Editing | taught by Jamee Culbertson

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The decisions we make when shooting video and during the editing process is what makes your viewers stay engaged, keeping their eyes on the screen or...not.

In this course I give you three examples of short video-stories. Each of these videos are between 3-5 minutes in length, the perfect length for online videos. Whether your intention it to entertain, educate or sell something it's best to keep your online videos under five minutes preferably three minutes in length. That said, if your video story is just so compelling then it doesn't matter how long it is if it's that engaging. So, go ahead - break the rules!

Lesson 1: 'Giving is Living'

Lesson 2: 'Giving is Easy'

Lesson 3: 'Get Outa Dodge'

In each lesson I include the final video and a second video with my commentary on the finished product.

Each of these videos have received over 100 views with many likes and comments in social media. That says to me that people find them engaging. It's good to listen to feedback from your audience but it's more important to listen to your own voice while bringing a creative project to life.

Take some notes on my commentary so you can start incorporating some of these ideas into your own videos that you create. Enjoy this course!

To understand more about the entire process of creating compelling messages on video look for my other course called: 'The 5 Steps to Creating Compelling Stories with Video'.

Jamee  Culbertson
Jamee Culbertson
Filmmaker and Instructor

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Jamee Culbertson’s extensive film industry career spans 20+ years. While working for Alta Vision Production Company, Jamee worked on such documentary films as “USS the Sullivans, A Sailor’s Story“, “Moor Tenors“, and the short film “Claudia’s Crescent Kick”. Jamee recently produced and directed the documentary film “How It All Began, Origins of the Universal Healing Tao System” about the iconic Taoist Master Mantak Chia. Being a Senior Universal Healing Tao Instructor afforded Jamee an intimate perspective in telling this story. This unique vantage point, coupled with her film making expertise, garnered Jamee Second Place for Best Documentary from the Annual Alliance for Community Media, Northeast Regional Film Festival. This film has been picked up by a distribution company and was released in the summer of 2014!

In addition to her work in the film industry, Jamee is a Certified Alexander Technique Instructor currently teaching at the Boston Conservatory. She has also worked on theatrical productions, most notably as Stage Manager for ‘Jazz, Poetry, Jazz” starring Joanne Woodward and the Darius Brubeck Ensemble. As a singer/songwriter, Jamee’s music has been used in video projects for the Healing Arts. Jamee is a graduate of the Berklee School of Music. Jamee is Owner and Creative Director of Way of the Arrow Media.

“Jamee is a joy to work with. Technically savvy, cooperative, and eager to please, she will help your project get off the ground if it has trouble flying, and if it is already in the air, will help you steer it to a stellar landing. I can’t recommend her enough.” ~ Sharon Smith, NYC

“Jamee is an incredibly grounded, respectful, and creative innovator. Both nurturing and open-minded, she was able to consider the value of each direction and approach that we discussed and see the short and long term value of each of them. She’s quietly passionate about her company’s goals and easily installed that in me – as well as other freelance members of her team. Working for/with Jamee is an incredibly rewarding experience both creatively and professionally.” ~ Phil Frabetti

Award Wining Documentary Film:

‘How It All Began, Origins of Master Mantak Chia’s Healing Tao System’

Jamee Culbertson

Way of the Arrow Media


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Lesson #2 Giving is Easy
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